PepperJax Grill – Overland Park

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PepperJax Grill in Overland Park has a kids eat free night on Wednesdays. Kids can get corn dog bites or chicken strips. The meal comes with one side (fries or oranges) and Teddy Grahams for dessert. Drinks are included (chocolate milk, regular milk, or soda too!) A good deal for free.

Overall we like PepperJax because:

  • It’s good food that’s fairly unique as far as philly cheese steak
  • The kids like the chicken strips
  • Usually you don’t have to wait a long time (see the review below for our exception to this rule)

Note their NEW Location (They are no longer at 135th and Metcalf… they’ve moved):
10150 W. 119th Street
Overland Park, KS 66213

They also have a location in Lawrence as well as some other cities like Omaha and Lincoln, but this review is strictly for the Overland Park, Kansas location.

The menu:
Although they have rice bowls for those looking to minimize their bread intake, their philly cheese steak sandwiches are their mainstay. Great seasoned meat and it’s all grilled right in front of you while you watch. They kids will like to see how the bread toasting machine slides the bread down a slide right in front of the long “subway style” counter.

For two sandwiches, one soda, one side of fries (the side of fries are huge!) and the two free kids meals, it was $17.01.

Dining Experience:  

Because they were understaffed, we had to wait about 25 minutes in line. This is not the norm in our experience, and we’re willing to give them another chance. Pretty soon after we received our food, reinforcements arrived in the form of 3 additional employees who popped out of the back in their purple PepperJax polos. Great for others, but didn’t help us out much. The layout in the new location is a little odd – people in the line naturally lean against the separator of the booths. While people waited in line, we got a lot of bored stares from other customers.

We’ll have to check out PepperJax and see if the service improves, but it’s unique enough food that we’ll still have to have it in our back-up rotation of good, kid-friendly places to eat in Kansas City.

Insider tips:

  • Obviously we came at the wrong time on a kids night, so we’d suggest getting there a bit early for less of a wait in line.
  • Get a table farther away from the line – if you want some privacy